Loving this sick. The monument itself is an odd ball aesthetically (something’s not right about its proportions), but your shots and crops make it look divine.

Thanks! There’s something about these tiny imperfections that I find very interesting. Gripping almost. It’s like they break the monotony of the obvious symmetry.

I love this whole concept of putting those three shots together like that. Very… interesting! Never been inside, nice road, though!

Thanks. I must admit though that those three were a happy coincidence. I hadn’t planned this layout while composing the shots.

Oh and you should visit some day. Calm and carefree, precisely because almost no one bothers.

I couldn’t wait to see this on the bigger screen. The colours are saturated to a lovely effect. Love the three zoomed in and out shots put together. So going to copy that idea sometime. ;)

So going to copy that idea sometime. ;)

Yay! Don’t make me wait too long.

Vega Chauhan

Visiting your photoblog after really long! Anything that cannot talk (unlike human beings) simply loves you!

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