Absolutely ethereal. Extremely jealous. Cravings to reach the Himalayas increases in magnitude with every such sighting on the web. What a rewarding climb. And so to speak, don’t think there’s any climb without some such reward.

These are such peaceful sights. Colours, gradients, silence. More so to think they’re all from an iPhone 3GS. Incredible.

I was wondering when you were going to put these up. The gradients do look spectacular. Like you said, something to be witnessed in person.

Thanks folks. I really hope that you get a chance to experience this in person some day.

And yes, love my iPhone camera.

I hate your agility (Grrr!), however, our shared enthusiasm for heights must be converted into a climb together before I completely surrender myself to food and my ability to ascend gets squashed. Time is running out!

P.S.:- Even I love your iPhone camera.

Lovely detail and photo collection, Triund Hill yes a heaven for nature lovers i found it in (http://www.facebook at Like it and spread the word for saving the beauty of nature. best wishes,

Great shots. I miss the mountains.


The bottom three images are…amazing! Gradients!

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