Rungta and Rungta’s

Rungta’s is, as you probably know/guessed by now, my photoblog. My name is Prateek Rungta and I’m currently staying in Melbourne doing my bachelor’s in Software Engineering from Monash University. I got a DSLR as my 18th birthday present, something I’d been eyeing on for a long time. Photography always fascinated me and I used to find myself gazing at the pages of National Geographic for…minutes (hours would’ve definitely been more dramatic but I wasn’t that insane) and I couldn’t wait to get behind the lens myself. However, only when I started this photoblog did I really start enjoying photography (and web design). It so happened that I was coming to terms with web development at around the same time when I had started experimenting with a DSLR—Jan–Mar of 2005 (which probably also explains my results of the exams I gave around that time of the year). It was a match made on my computer and out came Rungta’s.

You might wonder why I went with Rungta’s instead of Prateek’s. Well firstly because I hadn’t been able to come up with a name and I really wanted to get the blog going, and because for some unknown reason (unknown to me at least), once they get to know me fairly well, almost everybody calls me Rungta rather than Prateek.

Kudos to you if you’ve read so far! You are the ones that make the entire experience worth it. I have learnt a lot about both photography and web development by sharing my work through this photoblog, enjoyed every moment of it and plan to continue doing so. :)


Just the one camera and just the one lens at the moment – Canon EOS 300D Rebel DSLR with Canon EF-S 18–55mm. When I started this photoblog, I was using an IBM ThinkCenter with Windows XP (I know!) but have (thankfully) moved on to an awesome 15" MacBook Pro running Mac OS X, Aperture and, what I think is the best code editor out there—TextMate.

P.S. – Want to sort your blogrolls according to updates as well? Check out my LinkedList script.


MacBook Pro Keyboard