The Naughty Ones

Soham, Pari and Shulin (those are their names)

I'm really sorry for the long pause and just to let you know, I couldn't post as I was off again (to Calcutta) and was spending time with these cousins who can make you laugh all day. Couldn't decide which one was cuter so here they are, all three of them.

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G N Bassett said.. Reply

Yes, you're right. the one in the center/left/right is definitely the cutest.

rashmi said.. Reply

tooo cute! cuteness runs in the family then..;) haha..lucky u! get to go to places n all.. wat to do i'm stuck here :(

Amit said.. Reply

Sory but Rungta nd cute ?? ! lolz ! he looks like those afghani terrorist, Rungta wuld agree wid me ! If not just post that Marching Picture of yours rungta for Rashmi to take notice of you.

Prateek said.. Reply

For that Marching pic, I completely agree with Amit but I've changed since then.

Amit said.. Reply

Change is fyn, but CUTE ! lolz

Prateek said.. Reply

You're right again - Cute!! lolz!

rashmi said.. Reply

haha.. kk.. rungta cute or not..i'll leave it for u Amit..well his cousins for one are surely cute..for ur sake maybe it skips a generation..well would like to see the marching photo too.. :)