The Train
Canon EOS 300D | 18.0mm | 1/10s | f/22.0 | ISO 400 | Flash Off EXIF

Home - There and back again

Not a very sharp photo I agree but then this was the most I could risk falling off the door while taking the photo and I assure you falling off a running train isn't one of the best experiences one can have - unless ofcourse you're planning of suiciding, which I wasn't. It felt good to be back home and I had a great time there as there was this 'Ram Katha' going on. Not that I'm planning to become a Sadhu, the Ram Katha was fun as loads of cousins and relatives had poured in. But the best part is that whenever we have such a family reunion, almost everyone tries to act as funny as he/she possibly can - the result of which is that we could publish a book of 'Worst PJ's ever' on all such occasions. It was great!

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Rashmi said.. Reply

well at last i get to make a comment... first things first..Welcome Back!! so the nice break came at the right time.. so now u can jus stick to ur books.. :) n nice pic too..the hazy part adds a nice touch to it..(thanks to ur dad :) )

Bavani said.. Reply

Hi rungta,

Hmm nice to see ur page being updated...Yes!
Oh i can assure u how i feel when u said u wer abt to fall of, coz when i travelled by train from delhi to blore i experienced something similar, ooooow.
Now dat ur back into norm...of surfing the net 24/7 i think the updates will be frequent but ofcourse rungta spend ur tym more with books than ur Pc.
Bye, tc

Prateek said.. Reply

Yes, I'm back and hopefully I will be spending more time on my books this time. Although I'd advice both of you to enjoy, now that you have time for that.

jups said.. Reply

tis is a kool pic.dont take 2 much risk in life jes 2 take PICS.

Prateek said.. Reply

What's the fun in a life without risks!