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How I wish it would rain again

A view of the airspace of the abandoned Indain Air-Force Airbase at Chakulia, Jharkhand. This air base had been built for the Second World War. It is huge. The base had enough runways for 10-15 fighters to take off at once, or so it is said, although I'm quite sure it was true as I've been there like a zillion times and am always amazed by its size. Not much of it remains today as it once was. This base had been built under the British Rule and the Indian Military supposedly seems to think it dangerous to use as an operational airbase since its layout, structure, secrets(if any) etc. are already known to them Englishmen. Thus most of it has been destroyed, most runways have been reduced to small roads full of holes, and only one of them is left as it was for emergency landing/future use (the Government is now considering to reuse it as an airport and survey teams have been around). It would be a bit dissapointing for the residents of Chakulia if the Government actually goes ahead with its plans as they'd be losing access to the huge runway which was the venue for a lot of activities - morning walks, skating, picnics, cricket etc. It is, by far, the best training ground for driving lessons as its got all kinds of terrain. I myself have done a lot of those activities there, and that was the place I learnt driving.

Today India celebrates its completion of 58 years of Independence from the British Rule. Wishing all Indians a 'Happy Independence Day!'

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Bavani said.. Reply

Happy Independence Day!!! Hope i was in India today (but its ok) am glad dat i was in ma country after 7yrs for its National Day!!!

G N Bassett said.. Reply

Wow, great history. Thanks for telling it. Fascinating. It's hard to imagine what secrets it would hold that anyone would care about anymore.

ankit rungta said.. Reply

chakulia is the best place to dwell

SOPAN KEDIA said.. Reply

chakulia is the best place for airport

SOPAN KEDIA said.. Reply

chakulia is the best place to dwell
there must be reconstruction of chakulia airport

Jugal Kyal said.. Reply

A wonderful creation of heritage india awaiting for attention of SARKARI BABUS till then let us dream n hope for the best.