Canon EOS 300D | 39.0mm | 1/100s | f/5.0 | ISO 400 | Flash Off EXIF

Because even lampposts need scarves

Taken at a beautiful temple of Lord Hanuman just a little ahead of the town of Kotdwar in Uttaranchal.

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Nag said.. Reply

looks kool man!!! specially the surrounding color is making it look even better.

Rungta said.. Reply

Yup, I too love the colours in the photo.

Rashmi said.. Reply

Well you'll said it... the gradient of the colour change looks really cool... Nice capture there.
But more.. liked your caption>> "Because even lamposts need scarves" Where do you come up with such lines?? Amazing! :D

Rungta said.. Reply

The scarves on the lamp post is my favourite part of the photo and that's what I find gives life to the photo, and thus the line :). Glad you liked it.

Rashmi said.. Reply

It sure is the best part of the pic... Only you could have come up with something like that ;) Like the side position of the lamp post too.

Varenya said.. Reply

Now that is interesting...who would put those scarves there?? log mannat maangte waqt baandhte hain right? I mean seriously...inko bhi nahi choda....!!!

Rungta said.. Reply

I liked the fact that "inko bhi nahin choda!"

Maya Cassis said.. Reply

wow! really good one.

souvik said.. Reply

odd choice!!
well snapped!!

Rungta said.. Reply

Thanks Maya and Souvik.

babita bagaria said.. Reply

coz' they need to save their head 2!!!!!!

Rungta said.. Reply

Ha ha, nice one!