Food Court
Canon EOS 300D | 18.0mm | 1/25s | f/5.0 | ISO 400 | Flash Off EXIF

One of the many food courts in Melbourne Central

Staying abroad does change one's views on food phenomenally!

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Rashmi said.. Reply

Oh yes it does!! Esp when you see the prices ;)
But this is one view that's Magnificent! :) especially like the angle that you've taken of the ceiling lights... Too good!

Tarun said.. Reply

Nice One Rashmi. Good Going Prateek looks like u r njoying every slice of ur life. But u hav made it a point to remind me of the dry and empty place I am livin in(read the comment for the previous pic. also). Trust me guys Patiala is bad a thousand times worse than Delhi, so let's leave melbourne. Ha Ha I see two sprite bottles, we get it here too Wow! lol......

Skaran said.. Reply

Yeah, the cafés and dining halls in all these foreign universities look magnificent, but how's the food?

Nag said.. Reply

nice pic. so how have ur views changed on food??

Rungta said.. Reply

The food in cafés are good too, just that there aren't many options for vegetarians. And obviously there's the whole missing home food thing. By the way, this one isn't in my university but in a mall in the city.

Varenya said.. Reply

Toilet jaane ke liye mast jagah choose kari tum logo ne!

souvik said.. Reply

nice to see a pic after a long time.... very well shot

Suji said.. Reply

Great shot! You must be having a hard time being a vegetarians. Reminds me of the hard time we had in Singapore. But I am sure it must be much much better than that.

Prateek said.. Reply

Yeah I remember Singapore. Thankfully it is MUCH better out here. Moreover since I'm living here, I don't have to be dependent on food outlets. I just make it in house when in need! :)

bavanisam said.. Reply seeing this after a long tym since u posted, bt u knw...i had been here while i was in melb...for one of e vacation.

bavanisam said.. Reply

And yes jus shut up. Coz the food does rock alot in SINGAPORE. Its just that u didnt get the right person to get u on track or rather to the rgt restaurant or food outlets! Hmm....unlucky chaps shudn talk much. SINGAPORE has much more variety....atlst for vege!