Canon EOS 300D | 50.0mm | 1/20s | f/10.0 | ISO 400 | Flash Off EXIF

Dogs on display

Been busy this week and from the looks of it, will have even more work next week. Here's one from the archives.

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Sumedh said.. Reply


Where has this picture been taken?

Prateek said.. Reply

I took this picture at one of my aunt's house. I've posted another picture that I took from the same place.

Varenya said.. Reply

Can't wait for you to come back and show all your pics!

P.S. Looks like these days are bad for everyone around the globe...

Varenya said.. Reply

Can the timing BE any better than this, both comments at the same instant! Well, I guess I have missed on a lot of your pics, hope to see them soon!

Prateek said.. Reply

Yup, it sure seems to be bad for a lot of people!

Nag said.. Reply

kool!!! dude the one on the right portrays u. i mean look at Rungta on the right and how he must have made his face because of the long week.

Rashmi said.. Reply

Ya..... as Nag said, the right one looks like you showing the busy week that u have had... :) Excellent photography!

Souvik Das Gupta said.. Reply

I guess you wont be more busy than me, next week. I am going to have a real bad time.

Rashmi said.. Reply

Count me in too for a bad time the coming week :(

Prateek said.. Reply

one on the right portrays u

Spot on!

you wont be more busy than me

Now you can't guarantee that without knowing my workload, but you're probably right this time!

sonika said.. Reply

not very fond of dogs.. but i'm loving the light falling onto them.. leaving them partly in darkness .. and the seeming stillness of the shadows.. :)

Varenya said.. Reply

That makes the total = 3 for the 'not so fond of dogs' club. Rungta, Sonika and me. So when do we have the next meeting guys?

Aditya said.. Reply

Only if I had the time to go through the beautiful archives, but talking of being busy as everyone seems to be. I once did look up quite a bit, seems a lot is remaining. Nice work, when did you set up the photoblog?
Also the new commenting system is REALLY cool.

Prateek said.. Reply

Hmm..looks like a lot of you misunderstood me when I said "one from the archives". I didn't mean this photoblog's archives. I haven't posted the above photograph earlier. I was refferring to my personal archives in that sentence :).

So when do we have the next meeting guys?

How about this december, unless the two of you want to come over to Melbourne before that!

Abhishek said.. Reply

I think you should send your photos as entries for NikonNet's monthly contest. You're bound to win sometime or the other. And if you are able to write an essay with any particular photograph you have better chances of winning.

Prateek said.. Reply

Thanks for the suggestion Abhishek, but the contest is open only to US residents :(.

Abhishek said.. Reply

Oh well. You must be having relatives abroad(US).

Prateek said.. Reply

Nah, no relatives in the US.