Canon EOS 300D | 18.0mm | 1/640s | f/13.0 | ISO 400 EXIF

Friday silhouettes

I was on my way to the kitchen with some bread and butter in my hands when I turned and saw the sky. I doubled back to my room, left the food there and got my camera to capture the lovely colours that sunsets bring out.

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Aditya said.. Reply

Ah yes beautiful indeed.

Vega said.. Reply


Sumedh said.. Reply

amazingly lovely!

Anchal said.. Reply

The clouds appear so different!
Simply WOW…

Rungta said.. Reply

Thanks a lot Aditya, Abhishek, Vega, Sumedh and Anchal!

Nag said.. Reply

dude ur blog can become a thesaurus for the word 'beautiful'. i mean really… 'scintillating'!!… not bad.

by the awesome pic.

Nag said.. Reply

and damn the typos!

Varenya said.. Reply

This is most definitely the best picture till date. Where's the HI-Res?

rakesh said.. Reply

I wanted to comment on your latest but got distracted with the even better humanity check question you had: "An _____ a day keeps the doctor(and Microsoft) away" hehe :)

Rungta said.. Reply

Haha, you're right Nag. I had the exact same thought when I read 'scintillating'.

Varenya, I've sent you a Hi-Res version.

Rakesh, who knew humanity check could be fun too eh?

Nag said.. Reply

commenting on the humanity check… i really get this urge to rite 'Neptune'.. when the question comes… 'Which planet are you from?'… i mean i dont know y.. but i really wanna be from Neptune!

Karan said.. Reply

The really fun part of the humanity check is that I'm human regardless of whether I type Yes or No in that box, ny the logic of the box.

Rashmi said.. Reply

Ok good i took this long to comment, even though i told you what i felt about this pic the day i saw it. Love the below pic more.. cause of the detail seen. And good work with your Indian flag signature. Hope you have more such random moments.. does good for you. :)
and a new question! Is ice hot or cold! awesome..