Bhowali and Bhimtal
Canon EOS 300D | 18.0mm | 1/125s | f/22.0 | ISO 200 | Flash Off EXIF

It’s great to be back

Happy New Year all my wonderful visitors. Things have been a little quiet around my blog of late but that’s only because I’m on vacation and the little time that I do get to spare, I do not feel like spending near my computer.

However, I do wish to keep posting, so here’s a picture I took little more than an year ago, standing atop the roof of (what appeared to be) an abandoned under–construction house. Enjoy the Lower Himalayas.

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Sumedh said.. Reply

copyright 2008, you mean!

Have a nice vacation, and a happy new year!

Abhishek Nandakumar said.. Reply

Ha. It will take us some time to forget 2007.

Happy New Year!

Rungta said.. Reply


Thanks for pointing that out Sumedh. I was supposed to post this on the 30th but lack of time delayed it. I won’t deny that I would’ve missed it even if I had intended to post this in 2008.

Rashmi said.. Reply

Happy new year again!
Awesome picture!! a good picture start for the new year! :)

Rakesh said.. Reply

Excellent landscape pic. I’ve always loved fading shades of blue on mountain ranges, particularly on clear days as this one was. Do capture more like these if you go anywhere near the Himalayan ranges this time.

Rungta said.. Reply

Do capture more like these if you go anywhere near the Himalayan ranges this time.

Sadly, I won’t be going anywhere near the Himalayas this time around.

Vega said.. Reply

Happy New Year!!

Rashmi said.. Reply

What’s the name of this place that you visited?

Rashmi said.. Reply

Ah… nevermind. I overlooked the URL. Though am quite certain I had the same question in mind when you posted this.