Winter Evening
Canon EOS 300D | 40.0mm | 1/4s | f/5.0 | ISO 400 | Flash Off EXIF

In search of warmth

Cold weather, lazy mornings afternoons and a renewed obsession interest have been the reason for the drought of pictures on this blog. Here’s hoping me and the sun get to see more of each other and things get back on track. After all, my third undergraduate year starts in a week.

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Aditya said.. Reply

Mind-blowingly good. Was disappointed to note the ‘bricked’ wall and not a plain painted wall. Beautiful lighting. High res please? Will convert to grayscale and save use as wallpaper.

Prateek said.. Reply

Was disappointed to note the ‘bricked’ wall and not a plain painted wall.

There’s only so much a photographer can do! ;)

Abhishek said.. Reply

I’ve seen a similar scene before. Not sure where. The only difference was that the leaves looked like this even in broad daylight.

Not sure about why Aditya did not like the bricked wall, but the texture seems to look just fine. Playing with the curves while making this grayscale may really make it like one of those stunning wallpapers that look computer generated

Rashmi said.. Reply

Ha ha. All I can say is Good luck for the next week! ;) I like the left half of this pic. And the brick wall, actually gives it a good backdrop. Also heres to you having more, lets say, obsessions :P and also good luck for your third year as well! :)

Sonika said.. Reply

I love the maple-leaves feel. :) It’s so dark.. and yet so magical.. the transition from the dark to the light in the picture looks so symbolic.. love it:)

sahil said.. Reply

I rather like the brick wall, actually, except for the vertical line, towards the right :). The golden light on the leaves looks simply amazing.

Federer or Nadal? :)

Prateek said.. Reply

Not that the bricked wall makes the photo look bad, its just that the leaves and branches would’ve got more focus had the wall been, umm, smooth.

This is another one of those photos which I expected not to be well received but have been proven wrong. :)

As for

Federer or Nadal?

I wasn’t quite sure myself. Only the fifth set made me realize I wanted Nadal to win.

Vega said.. Reply

beautiful picture..I kinda like the bricked wall..looks like a polished archaic picture..:)