MEL 106
Canon EOS 300D | 49.0mm | 1/125s | f/5.6 | ISO 200 | Flash Off EXIF

Oh sunny day…

Just when I thought summer was finally about to begin it gets windy and starts raining.

These photos were taken last summer, on a day when both the sun and me were glad to be out and about.

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Rashmi said.. Reply

Like the river side pic, showing both the city side and the park. Looks quite neat (pun intended). Also it looks extra clear for me now ;).

sunray said.. Reply

do you go for jogging with your cam?? :P really nice pic…teh one below! :)

Prateek Rungta said.. Reply

Haha… a camera can be quite heavy to jog with. A stroll on the other hand is not too hard even with a camera.

Aditya Anand said.. Reply

I like the second below more this time┬▒

Aditya Anand said.. Reply

Ah darned, excuse my laziness and the typo. Meant ! not ┬▒ above

Prateek said.. Reply

Very strange (to me at least) how most of you seem to like the panorama below more than the photo above, because my opinion is strongly and exactly the reverse.

Rashmi said.. Reply

I guess that coz we’d already seen the similar pic in ‘Green is nice’. As you can see from the comments there, that shot is really good and the pic below is a different view and the angling is quite good. Guess it’s also the object, the symmetry of trees i suppose.

Abhishek said.. Reply

Water always makes photos look good.

You should really consider building a lighter version of your photoblog for mobile web browsers. The javascript animation makes it quite sluggish on MobileSafari.

Prateek said.. Reply

I will I will, once I have a MobileSafari device in my hands.

Aditya Anand said.. Reply

I personally think because of the water, trees and the buildings all together. IMHO the second one is easily the better one.