Canon EOS 300D | 25.0mm | 1/13s | f/4.0 | ISO 400 | Flash Off EXIF

Soft Needles

More yellow and black, and going by today’s change hopefully the last for the near future. But then, I’d be the last person to try and predict Melbourne’s weather.

What’s weather got to do with night photography? There’s something about the cold, quiet darkness that I find synonymous with the mood of these secretive tones. Yet they’re not always gloomy, especially so after a light shower.

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Sumedh said.. Reply

Those are beautiful!

Anchal said.. Reply

Haven’t commented for a long time but been visiting.. must say I really like this picture!

Prateek said.. Reply

Thanks guys.

Rashmi said.. Reply

You know i saw this when you posted it, but wasn’t sure what to make of the pic when i saw it like the previous. Photography as you show, is not only about the object, but the view and the mood and here i find the view is quite contemplative and positive ‘looking into the light’ (pun intended). I know i might be reading into it a bit more than i thought, well just know that its better appreciated now. :) Also liked your caption for this. Keep them rolling in.

Prateek said.. Reply

Oh yeah, it’s a lot about the mood – the mood of the photographer and his/her environment as well as the mood perceived by the viewer.

A photo that does not conjure emotion can hardly be interesting, right?

Rakesh said.. Reply

I quite like the above shot. Night time photography is tricky and you’ve improvised well even without a tripod.

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