Lovely choices. Having seen the similar image over the web in the recent times, this hands down, looks down right awesome.

And again, thank you. I hope I can match up to those kind words. Wonder how long it’s going to take to match up to work like this though. :)

Thanks! I’m quite pleased with this myself.

As for matching, I don’t think that should be your goal. Moreover, what I wrote already applies, so there’s scope for surpassing not matching. :)

This one’s been on my Delhi list for too long. Great shots, especially the symmetry of the one above.

Thanks Rakesh. Very calming place this, and almost no visitors to disturb the peace. Would’ve been perfect if only for the stench.

Did you notice the colour gradient in the walls on different levels?

Tried to favorite the photo on top on Flickr. Wasn’t able to find it.

Looks really good!

Thanks Abhishek. These photos are up on Flickr now. I get a little lazy after publishing a post, hence the delay.

Vega Chauhan

The first one is beautiful and spooky !

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