Such clear and crisp pictures! The scale you’ve captured with that man taking a photo gives a lovely sense of the magnitude of this structure. Those proportions and form make it look like quite a marvel. Must see this in person someday. I like how you’re refreshing our history lessons. :-)

Thanks! Glad you like the background tidbits. So much fun reading up, exploring and taking in the history, theorising to fill the missing bits, joining the dots backwards.

Mughal masterpieces. They’d look stunning even if all the ornamentation wore off. White, red, symmetry and scale: that’s all I need to admire them. Do visit in the mornings or evenings again; it’ll look even more magical,


Its the first time i observed the symmetry of the entrances … sweet indeed … think i havent been in this space for years man … seems like the quality of pics has gone through the roof …


I hadn’t even noticed the “tiny” man until I read Rashmi’s comment! :O Excellent!

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