Nehru Place
Canon EOS 300D | 22.0mm | 1/4s | f/3.5 | ISO 400 | Flash Off EXIF

The most popular junkyard of Delhi!

Nehru Place, the one stop for all that your computer needs. The one place you'd find all sorts of latest gadgets (that've been released in India ofcourse). The one place you expect to be pretty decent if not classy. The one place where the price of the same thing can have a difference of thousands in different shops. The one place where every person has some or the other electronic item (and I'm not talking about cell phones) in his hand. The one place which can never be close to clean. The one place where you hear vendors shout "Software Software" instead of the usual "Chai Chai". The one place I love visiting. The one place that gives you a complete picture of India, and who says it isn't Classy.

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Rashmi said.. Reply

Nice title ! The pics look wonderful ! Wonderful portrayal of the most popular 'Junkyard'. I think you might go anywhere in the world, but you won't get the same feeling of having bargained or bought something in a place such as this. Who says it isn't classy? I love my India ! :)

souvik said.. Reply

This place is definitely not a junkyard to me. One of the most important places in Delhi. I am going to visit this place very soon.

Prateek said.. Reply

I agree its an important place but you've got to agree, its a junkyard littered with electronics.

Abhishek Nandakumar said.. Reply

Even if it is a junkyard, a really good one. :)

Sumit said.. Reply

Nice description and a beutiful pic!...nice view...its sure is a one stop place for anything..almost anytime...

Suji said.. Reply

Whether Nehru Place is classy or not... the opinions may vary....but ur shot of it is doubts about that!

varenya said.. Reply

The shot is classy..definitely, specially with me standing next to u it had to be

One more thing......

Nehru place rules man!!!

Nag said.. Reply

nice shot dude. ya good old nehru place.

Amit said.. Reply

Nehru place rules man. They got stuff cheaper than singapore. I dnt no how they do it, but they just do it.
Great pic though. Btw chek this website out, its my classmates, he is also the part of the photography club here.


Mayacassis said.. Reply

i love these pictures...they are so urban

sumedh said.. Reply

lol...awesomely put..."the most popular junkyard"!!

Vibhas said.. Reply

This is Frigging neat. Awesome

Nehru Place 1 Nehru Place 2