Canon EOS 300D | 38.0mm | 1.3s | f/8.0 | ISO 200 | Flash Off EXIF

The town of Haridwar reflected on the Ganges

After what seems to be one of my longest, and surely the most unexpected spell of absence, I'm glad to be able to update once again.

Dark have been my days of late, and even as I speak, the shawdow lies over me, yet I hope for a brighter dawn. Ok, enough of the LoTR fever that has been rekindled since I started reading the Lord of The Rings one more time, which was after the real sickness had caught me. Apparently I haven't learned much from TreeBeard and am speaking in a rather "hasty" manner. Here's the deal, haunted by exams for the first half, pursued by heat (and other things) for a week, and plagued by Jaundice till today, I hadn't been able to update. But it looks like things are getting back to normal, as the sickness has started decreasing and I was finally able to catch up on the last episode of Lost and transfer the shots from my recent trip to Rishikesh and Kotdwar for the Bhoomi Puja of my Mama's new company - Sunbeam Remedies' production unit. Got a few more shots there, and will hopefully post them as I get better.

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Nag said.. Reply

the reflection has come really good. this reminded me of that day wen u were tryng to get the reflection near the India Gate. well kool snap. and nice to see ur health is gettin better.

Rashmi said.. Reply

Hey Rungta ! It's so nice to see u back again on your blog. It's Trully been a loong absence. Really glad to hear you doing better now. That was quite an unexpected turn. Goes to show how unpredictable life can be.
As for the photo.. It's just wonderful to see your Amazing pics again..Nice shot! Like the contrast of the red, black and yellow reflection..Looks fantastic! Hope to see your other shots sometime soon. Take care.. Hope you get well soon.

Rungta said.. Reply

Thanks Rohit and Rashmi, I too hope I get well soon!

Anchal said.. Reply

Glad to see a new pic!
Even more to know that you're recovering!
Nice pic as always ... The oranges make the dark waters seem like on fire!

Varenya said.. Reply

God rungta!! I have got to read that LOTR book to understand the really catchy phrases that you used in this one!!

I guess I made a lot of phone calls just to ask about your well being, couldn't make it to your place, sorry man...yeh exams na!!...will come tomm I promise!!

As for the photo...hai kisi main dum aisi photo lene ki???????? saamne aao!!!!

Varenya said.. Reply

You'll be thinking what's with all the formality and stuff...man I still have to do 3 chapters and things are getting real bad on the sleep front...so am out of my senses...

Maya cassis said.. Reply

absolutely stunning lights and amazing photography as always

Rungta said.. Reply

Glad to see my regular visitors returning!

Anchal: Yup, it does look like on fire, and considering the number of diyas that the Ganga recieves, it may well be true! ;)

Varenya: You really MUST read LoTR, seeing that you haven't done it yet. Well after 8th May I guess, and may you farewell in the remaining papers. And I wasn't thinking what's with the formality, cause I've seen the effect of exams on you all over the internet..lol.

Maya: Thanks a lot. :) The place itself is stunning and definitely worth a visit.

Sanket said.. Reply

NEAT pic boy keep em comin..

Varenya said.. Reply

Wallpaper Request...Rungta I've got to have the Hi Res version of this one...you know what to do...

Suji said.. Reply

Great pic as usual! Nice to see u back. Hope u get well soon. Take care.

souvik said.. Reply

if only you would stretch the buildings..... it would look like clark quay.

babita bagaria said.. Reply

wow!!!!!!!! i dint no that u cud klik such nice pics!!!!!!!

Rungta said.. Reply

Thanks a lot all of you, and yeah Souvik, if only I could strech the buildings. However, Haridwar a magnificence of its own.