Canon EOS 300D | 55.0mm | 1/60s | f/5.6 | ISO 400 | Flash Off EXIF

And The Hiatus Ends

I had an amazing time in Calcutta last week doing the 'Art of Living' Yes+ course. If you ever get an opportunity to do the course, do not hesitate - just do it. Trust me, I'm the last person you'd find recommending you to be bogged down by a week of 'religious teachings' and the same.

This by the way was shot at a Rangoli class that's been happening out here in Chakulia.

Update: For those of you who'd like to sport the above as your wallpaper, here's a 2560x1707 version.

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Karan said.. Reply

Rungta, I don't intend to give you any airs about yourself but you really are a most gifted photographer. Here's another ideal desktop wallpaper. Send me a high res?

Anonymous said.. Reply

okkey what's the surface here?

Nag said.. Reply

awesome photograph.... and glad to see no more airports!!! ya i need a high res too

varenya said.. Reply

Lovely pic! even mom loves it! I mean it's too damn good...

Rungta said.. Reply

I've uploaded a hi-res version so grab it to satisfy your pixel needs.

what's the surface here?

Its a mixture of mostly coarse material, one of which is crushed marble.

@Karan: I'm flattered!

@Nag: I'd also gotten fed up with airports.

@Varenya: More fans are always a good thing ;).

Anonymous said.. Reply

hmm........it reminded me of the beginnig of the movie 'The English Patient'..dont know if you have watched it to actually relate to it!...it's nice!!!!

Rashmi said.. Reply

Amazing!! The rangoli looks just amazing to begin with.. but it could look 'its best' only 'cause of your photography. :)
You make anything you see its best. Keep it rocking! :)

Anchal said.. Reply

a reallly pretty pic there!

Aditya said.. Reply

Karan's statement repeated.