Allahabad Night Sky
Canon EOS 300D | 18.0mm | 1.0s | f/3.5 | ISO 400 | Flash Off EXIF

Away once again..

A view of the city of Allahabad on the banks of the Ganga river.

P.S. - There will probably be a long gap before my next post as I fly off to Melbourne tonight and will, yet again, be computerless.

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sourima said.. Reply

u make me see more and more colours everytime!

Rashmi said.. Reply

Beautiful! Just Beautiful..... *silence*.....

Rashmi said.. Reply

Oh and welcome back to Australia! :) Now get ur Mac soooon!!

Nag said.. Reply

the moon...!
where did u take it from?

sourima said.. Reply

oye u know what....i think i can see the bridge (to my left) over Ganga...could u see it while clicking??

Rungta said.. Reply

Thanks a lot all of you.

@Nag: I took it from a balcony of the place where we were staying at Allahabad.

@Sourima: Nopes the bridge is not visible in the above picture. It was towards the right and not left.

Anchal Jain said.. Reply

I might have to revert to a thesaurus next time in a hope to leave a "new" comment

Aditya said.. Reply

Nice one, as usual.

Rungta said.. Reply

@Anchal: Let's hope that's the case!

Abhishek Nandakumar said.. Reply

Yeah, even I find it difficult to say anything because everyone has already said the same thing I want to say.

What happened to the plan of buying a MacBook Pro with Core 2 Duo? If you're waiting for the Core Quadro then you'll have to be computer-less for a longer time.

Rungta said.. Reply

@Abhishek: Lol. I'm not waiting for Quadro or anything and if everything goes as planned I'll have a MBP with me pretty soon.

Abhishek Nandakumar said.. Reply

Yeah. So the "long gap" no more.

akanksha said.. Reply

the moon sure is enjoying its solitude far far away from that stretching strip of human settlement!