Lake at Night
Canon EOS 300D | 18.0mm | 3.2s | f/5.6 | ISO 400 | Flash Off EXIF

The One Hundredth

My photoblog finally scores a century with its 100th post! I've been waiting for this one from a long time, although had things gone my way - this post would've been a few more days late.

So what had been delaying this post you may ask. My desire to make it special I say - special to me at the very least. If you've read this far, you probably would have noticed that the site has been redesigned. I love this new design of mine and have been itching to share it with all you wonderful visitors for a long time. Its just that I rewrote about 95% of the code - the front and back end and that took time. To be fair, there are still a few unchecked items on my checklist such as the search box, the links page etc. and you'll get 404s if you try any of the old URLs, which is why I said that had it been my way, there would've been a little more delay.

This brings us to why I did end up posting today instead. I'm an Apple fanboy - a big one. I'm also a developer and three-years-down-the-line Software Engineer. I'm also one of the recipients of AUC's WWDC 2007 Student Scholarship. I'm also an Indian passport holder studying in Australia and unfortunately I'm also the one who was denied a Visa to visit the US for a week to attend WWDC 2007, at around 1pm earlier today. What has this got to do we me posting earlier than planned? I just wanted to do something that was guaranteed to make me happy.

Biggest irony of it all? I was wearing a Google T-shirt which had the following on the back - I'm Feeling Lucky!


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Anchal said.. Reply

The 100th post is indeed verrry special! Cheers to namy more stunning centuries in the near future!

Nag said.. Reply

i donno wat to say :(

Rashmi said.. Reply

I don't know what to say either! :'( Really never expected this to be my comment on your 100th post! Funnily this pic kinda reflects the mood in a way if i might say so. But there is that little light and colour that makes it beautiful..
Well now for what's deserves credit.. awesome job and features Rungta! Well done!! Congrats on your 100th masterpiece.. Hope you create many many more centuries for the future!

Karan said.. Reply

Damn those American bastards!

Karan said.. Reply

But it's such a beautiful picture. Can I get a high-res?

Rungta said.. Reply

I guess I just wasn't destined to attend 2007 at least.
Am glad you liked the photo and the design :)

Varenya said.. Reply

I like the design but it's too dark! Photo is awesome as ever and I second Karan...

Abhishek said.. Reply

The new colour scheme is great. Sad you couldn't make it to WWDC 2007.

You may not like my idea, but I think you can put up the photoblog engine that you've written and currently using on some website for download and give it a name like Photopress. If you do a google search for photoblog scripts you'll see that almost no one is satisfied with the scripts currenly available.

Rungta said.. Reply

That is a nice idea indeed Abhishek although I don't think I'll be able to devote the time required to release it as a public script, not in the near future but yeah I'll keep it at the back of my mind incase I ever find myself completely jobless.

Abhishek said.. Reply

Hey, that's the great thing about OpenSource. You start it, others improve it, you still get the credit for being the CREATOR.

Also, I find that your new colour scheme looks significantly better when you're not browsing in the sunlight.

About the Macbook, I'm able to use upto 128MB VRAM on Windows XP but it's stuck at 64MB on OSX. Halo keeps complaining about the graphic card. Posted this as a question on Apple Support Discussions.

Souvik said.. Reply

Baad luck that's all i can say. Hopefully a happier Rungta will be posting the 101st post!!

arihant said.. Reply

nice .... all i got to say abt this...

Aditya said.. Reply

Good frikkin lord, personally I think that this is easily your best photo in quite some time. Mind blowing.
Gawd, the american visa department is just too temperamental among other things.
Congratulations on your 100th post, keep the good work comin'
High rez pls :)

Bavani Sam said.. Reply

Hey rungta, :( dat you cudnt attend WWDC 2007. Well all happens for Good

Bavani Sam said.. Reply

Hmm anyways pretty click....

Rungta said.. Reply

Thanks a lot everybody :)

Abhishek - The glossy screen of the MacBook really does make it hard to read in the sunlight and I'm sure my template's low-contrast didn't help.

Souvik - yeah, much happier now.

Aditya - I think so too. Nothing like a visa rejection to motivate me! :)

Bavani - That's what I told myself - all happens for good.

Sonika said.. Reply

it's a brilliant click.. the colourful lights against the gradient of the sky.. and how it all mixes in the reflections..

Tarun said.. Reply

I remember I talked to u today, amazing pic gives the feeling of a century holder, keep going, keep going, u have improved a great deal dude, awesome.

Rungta said.. Reply

Thanks Tarun. I agree I've definitely improved but there's loads of room for more improvement.

jagg said.. Reply

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