Australian Grand Prix 2008
Canon EOS 300D | 55.0mm | 1/1250s | f/5.6 | ISO 400 | Flash Off EXIF

Victory, F1 style!

Probably not very artful, but definitely very exciting.

For those not in touch with Formula 1, that’s Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg celebrating their 1st and 3rd positions at the Australian Grand Prix 2008. It was one hell of an action packed race and one couldn’t have asked for a more dramatic season opener. The Ferraris of Räikkönen(who won last year) and Massa below didn’t even make it to the end of the race. Only 7 cars out of the 22 that started the race did.

I had a great time this year too but was so exhausted by the end that I just took a shower and went to sleep as soon as I got back. It was great to hear those F1 cars again. Expect a lot more photos from Albert Park during the next few weeks.

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Sumedh said.. Reply

Man, I so envy you! Never been, I have, to a live F1 race. Anyhow; I switched off the TV set the moment Räikkönen out-braked himself while trying to get to 2nd; can’t bear to watch with no Ferrari as a potential winner;

Prateek said.. Reply

It’s too bad none of the Ferraris were at the podium, but I, for one, love the sport more than any particular team. The speed, the sound, the thrill…that’s Formula 1!

Abhishek said.. Reply

What’s that black thing on the left of the photo? Definitely not the hood of your lens.

Prateek said.. Reply

Its one of the security personnel’s leg. I shot this through railings, between legs and from amongst a jostling crowd so I was lucky to even get this much!

Rashmi said.. Reply

Lucky you! This time you got a proper shot of a ferrari as well AND the victory champagne spray. awesome! But most unbelievable, is that i still can’t believe a year has gone past since you went for the 2007 one, and before you know it, the new seasons on its way!! Now for the pic… i like this shot.. i don’t know, seems like a print ad of some sort. Almost feel like it should be an ad for a camera or a phone or something, coz everyone seems so happy. :P Anyways good shot :)

Prateek said.. Reply

This time you got a proper shot of a ferrari as well AND the victory champagne spray.

Not perfect or as good as I’d have wanted them to be, but definitely better than last year’s.

Print ad…not a bad idea.

Vega said.. Reply

whoa!! the celebration..the looks so cool..I can hear the cars zooming.

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