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Roulettes once again

The RAAF Roulettes always make for great subjects, and with them flying all over the place there are loads of angles and frames to play with. I think it’s fascinating to see those loud, fast, polluting man–made machines paired with the quiet, firm, tall tree.

In other news, exams are just ‘round the corner and they aren’t the least bit fascinating. :(

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Aditya said.. Reply

As long as roulettes and other subjects exist, the question is will the darned exams ever ever be the least bit fascinating?

I also have never understood why creativity increases generally as exams approach

Sumedh said.. Reply

I love that first shot! Yes, creativity does indeed increase generally as exams approach. That’s something I too have experienced often in the past! :)

P.S. Thanks for the comment! Those woods were in Chail, above Shimla. :)

Roulettes between trees