Viva la Vida!

Chris Martin of Coldplay is portrayed on the screen while performing in Melbourne earlier tonight (3rd March).

Forgive the noise and low quality of the images, that’s the best I could salvage out of my rusty Nokia 6280’s camera.

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Sumedh said.. Reply

This kind of noise, however, adds to the effect and atmosphere of this shot - I like it!

Rashmi said.. Reply

Oh WOW!! Gosh i can’t wait to get to the concert!! Very true what Sumedh said, the noise does add to the feeling. Can’t believe you were so close enough to take such a good pic on your phone!! Lucky Lucky you! :)

Prateek said.. Reply

Yup, the noise does add to the artistry here, but these are the only two shots I got where it works in favour.

Sonika said.. Reply

Ok, I’m jealous! I love coldplay. :) I also really like the effect! Really nice. :)

Prateek said.. Reply

I’d be an idiot to miss it. Totally rocking!

Rakesh said.. Reply

Moment well captured and improvised. Wish I could’ve been there as well.

Priya said.. Reply

Nobody’s going to look at the grain when there is Chris Martin to look at! I like the 2’nd shot. Lucky you!