Temperature Control
Canon EOS 300D | 38.0mm | 1.0s | f/5.0 | ISO 400 | Flash Off EXIF

Down goes the heat, almost.

Darn the JEE committe for changing the exam pattern so abruptly, although it has finally got me on my toes.

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Bhavya said.. Reply

Rrrrrrrungtah! Thanks for changing your background, the last green coloured one kept flashing on my laptop, was very disturbing.

Prateek said.. Reply

Have always had this one and the green one, although I'm also getting sick of the green one. Let's see, I may come up with another one.

jups said.. Reply

thanx for the new pic.....finally.
and abt ur entrances prepare well..
like i do....................hehehe!!!!!!

Prateek said.. Reply

The best advice you can give me is NOT to prepare for my entrances like you.

pankaj said.. Reply

ROCK ON BROTHER... (and also study....)

rashmi said.. Reply

hey! guess who?? well nice pic, good imagination i must say :) well hope ur studies are coming along fine.. have loads to tell u... n to hear from u... well take care, shall mail later... bye