Canon EOS 300D | 44.0mm | 1/100s | f/5.0 | ISO 400 | Flash Off EXIF

There's always hope...

Just when I was thinking it wasn't possible for these to look better, I lit them and switched off the lights. Darkness increases their beauty, exponentially! What an irony that only after there's darkness does light gain value, like most things in life. Only when we lose it do we realise how lucky we were to have our freedom. I'm glad I've realised how lucky I am, thanks a lot Niyati!

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aditi said.. Reply

agree wid u man!
only when it is dark enough, you can see the starts!

aditi said.. Reply

oops sorry... STARS

aditi said.. Reply

r u an ex-dipsite?

Prateek said.. Reply

Yup, I'm an ex-dipsite, last year's batch.

Rashmi said.. Reply

absolutely lovely... and the picture too.. the same kind of realisation has hit me in a diff way.. its a really nice way of putting it.

Sir Altitude said.. Reply

sweet my cousin hits ur photoblog

Nag said.. Reply

awesome dude. as good as any. but dude y did u get those candles anyways. is it only to take the pics????

Prateek said.. Reply

Niyati gave me those candles :-)

Sanchit Mathur said.. Reply

All yout blog pictures are very beautiful and meaningful. Keep it up!!

Karan said.. Reply

Are these "those candles" which you were never going to light up or some others?

Prateek said.. Reply

Ironically, these are the same candles that I was "never going to" light up.

Anchal said.. Reply

Great pics, great candles, great blog!

jups said.. Reply

waitin for my comment....naughty boy. sorry for not commenting for all these days as i was busy trying out for a gal called sonam..... amit told me that shes of ur cast.. any way the pic is kool....even my gal is ... hehehehhe

Varenya said.. Reply

Beauty at its best.....