Canon EOS 300D | 47.0mm | 1/60s | f/5.6 | ISO 400 | Flash On EXIF


I just love this photo due to the expression on my cousin Arjun's face. Is it one of sadness, is it amazement or is it one of happiness, we may never know for sure. Yet he looks so innocent. That, I think, is the real beauty of a child!

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jups said.. Reply

u said it..."innocence is the real beauty of a child"..ur bro looks real me hehehe!!!

Rashmi said.. Reply

Really liked this've captured it at its best as always... knew it the the moment i 1st saw the pic... that u would put this up...tho it took a lot of clues... ;) your cousin looks so cute n innocent here..makes me want wish i was a kid again....

Vibhas said.. Reply

Hey prateek
Im in class XII DPS RKP
Bin reading your blog
Came across this thought you might be interested

Rivi said.. Reply

and beautifully exposed as well...