Mukesh Sir
Canon EOS 300D | 45.0mm | 1/60s | f/5.6 | ISO 400 | Flash On EXIF

Skateboarding @ Exun

The past week has been great, loads of things, from staying awake a whole night to ensure Exun ran fine to skateboarding after it got over, with loads of pizzas everywhere. You can see Mr.Mukesh himself and get an idea. But being a judge for Exun 2005 wasn't all, the entire week's been great. Mamu and Mausa turned up and Rohit Nag's been here for a week now. It was great to have company again, and I'm dissapointed that he's going back tomorrow, but then things have to move on, and I've got another big thing to look forward to.

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Rashmi said.. Reply

The 'Judge' rules!!! Too cool a pic... well now can't wait for the BIG thing ;) well you make the best of the next 2 days!! Take care

Vibhas said.. Reply

Dude where did I go! I think I can see my shoe..
nice pic though

jups said.. Reply

hi dude...was a long long time since i commented in ur blog....gud pic..i hav lots to talk to u.....dont worry ill call u soon..byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Manisha said.. Reply

He's always been and will remain my favourite sir!