Lord Shiva
Canon EOS 300D | 49.0mm | 1/10s | f/5.6 | ISO 400 | Flash Off EXIF

It's here at last!

Welcome to my photoblog's new home - prateekrungta.com
Now you know what the 'big thing' is. Not a lot of changes on the user end, but the back end of the site has been completely rewamped and I'm glad to have got rid of the old one.

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Amit Behera said.. Reply

Great rungta...where did u manage to buy the domain name? Nice pic man..where did u take it??

Prateek said.. Reply

I took this one at Rishikesh.

Rashmi said.. Reply

Rungta where do i start? Last thing I did last night before i slept was to see if the surprise had come... it hadnt then... came back today... n at last i see it !! This is soo cool u Have your very own site with ur name !! I remember you teaching about domain names vaguely.. how did u do this?? Amazing... and whats more is that everything fits into place now... everytime I asked you what you were upto.. u would say learing php... "Hypertext Processor"(I hope I got it right this time ;) ) coz now i see a php at the end of the name :) Mr. Rungta you are Full of surprises.. never cease to amaze me or anyone else I bet. Keep on rocking :)
Well I cannot leave without mentioning this- an Amazing capture.. makes me feel calm just looking at it..and a perfect way to start your new site. May God always be with you in everything you do...

SaNkEt said.. Reply

Hero....nice work....keep it goin....

Karan said.. Reply

Excullunt. I've modified the link.

Nag said.. Reply

good good!! u have been workin on it for long. and i know the new structure is a lot better. and ya i have changed the link.
one thing... u know the color with which we rite the comment...not the color after the comment is posted but the one which is there wen we rite. i think change it a bit. cause u know wen the fillin up occurs...in d wen u rite something then it gets filled by its own like in the url column.....in short wen the text is highlighted its not visible. i know its not much of a big deal.....jus suggesting.

Prateek said.. Reply

Suggestion taken, change made.