Valley of the Ganges

Rishikesh, located on the foothills of the Himalays, and on both sides of the river Ganga, is one of the best places to escape to. I was lucky to get a chance to go there. The place is so quiet and serene that it brings about a feeling of everlasting calmness and peace. The best part though is standing on one of the suspension bridges over the ganges and enjoying the freezing early morning wind. You might need quite a few cups of hot coffee to 'defreeze' later but its worth it, completely.

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Varenya said.. Reply

congrats for the site!!!....the pic looks gr8 but just check the positioning of "rungta's" at the top

SANKET said.. Reply

Neat stuff hero ...keep em goin....

Nag said.. Reply

nice snaps.....actually great ones....
i can imagine the feel of the breeze....hmm....awesome.

Rashmi said.. Reply

Need i say anything? Nice view.. too bad that you couldnt take the other pic that u wanted to.. but this is really nice... really nice to see u share all your adventures.. :) keep it going :)

Rishikesh Pan