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'We're kinda done with power!' -Steve Jobs

Long has a 'tribute' been due to my favourite company - Apple. What better ocassion than today, when Apple just announced Intel iMacs, iLife'06, iWork'06 and some other things. The 'One more thing', something that I had been waiting for from quite a long time, was the best of them all - Macbook Pro, which is four times faster than the last PowerBooks. Karan will probably be pre-ordering his right away, lucky ass. These new Intel Macs have freaking dual core processors, and seeing how the hacked OS X boots in a blink on current intel PCs, I can tell that these new ones are going to blaze through!
A great keynote as always, and an ad worth checking out - the Intel in a Mac Ad.

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Sumit said.. Reply

Nice..waiting to read about all gonna download the macworld video today..and yeah I too think that the Macbook Pro is the best of them all...and I sure think thats a very powerful statement: "We're kinda done with power!"...

Varenya said.. Reply

Well can't download the macworld video..BAD LUCK!!...and ya these new notebooks are definitely the 'Objects of desire'. They are just too gud...

Varenya said.. Reply

And rungta..nice pic..chalo..Rohit ka ipod kisi ke toh kaam

Sumit said.. Reply

yeh didnt notice can u sit in ur house knowing when ur ipod is in delhi, nag!!!lol

Nag said.. Reply

i know man.....being separated from the iPod is torturing but cant help really.
and ya the Macbook Pro is one strong beautiful thing. and i really found that like in the Intel ad funny>>> "iinside a dull little box, dutifully performing dull little tasks" true isnt it??. but sad i am not able to view the Keynote. trust rungta to dowload it soon from somewhere and pass it on.

Prateek said.. Reply

Too bad Nag and Sumit, as Varenya said, the keynote can't be downloaded. We can only watch the Webcast, which I've done and as I mentioned earlier, its great. The Intel Ad, as Nag said, is too good, and so is Apple's Intel campaign tagline - "What's an Intel chip doing in a Mac? A whole lot more than its ever done in a PC."

Sumit said.. Reply

lol..yeah..i mean everytime i read that tagline i start laughing!!!

Tarun said.. Reply

Good man, I really respect ur emotions attatched with APPLE, coz' if that had not been the case then u wouldn't have been able to make so many people buy Macs and trust me you r gonna see it in my hand very soon. THANKS Prateek nd APPLE.

Bavani Sam said.. Reply

Hey Prateek, though am not sure of what to write...(as my knowledge on MAC & gadgets isnt as of much) I still luv Apple products (haha dats coz u know...) My Ipod Photo. Got to see more at Wheelock Place(Orchard), how beautifully those things r @ the APPLE STORE here.

Rashmi said.. Reply

Hey... well firstly since i know how u took this pic.. i have to call u a genius again! amazing work.. also wanted to thank u soo much for converting me into an APPLE lover.. n making me buy a Mac.. And Hope from this post that more APPLE lovers come about...well in your words.. " May we drag and drop Windows from the unfortunate" :)