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Devoted in Devotion

Another one from the archives, and another one from my trip to Rishikesh. I'm afraid posts will be very irregular for the next few weeks.

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Rashmi said.. Reply

Another from the archives, and yet another wonderful shot. Like the way you've captured this one, from the pandit to the buildings at the back to the hills and the sky, all in one. How small we are in this big world...
Wishing you all the very best in your studies.

Prateek said.. Reply

Thanks a lot! :)

Varenya said.. Reply


Varenya said.. Reply

Oh...and the shot with the 'temple caretaker' looks

Prateek said.. Reply

Indeed ;)...haha!

Nag said.. Reply

nice shot! specially the background dere looks awesome.

Sumit said.. Reply

nice pic...immense clarity...guess ull be devoted deeply to studies for a month or so of luck!!!

Abhishek Nk said.. Reply

Didn't recognise this as Rishikesh. Is this the same place where you have to enter through a small market in between?

The content of this pic is really good.

Prateek said.. Reply

Yup, it is that same place. You first cross the river over a shaky and narrow suspension bridge and then the market.

Abhishek Nandakumar said.. Reply

Thought so. But it looks neatened up!

souvik said.. Reply

I don't know which of the following is better:
1. Rungta
2. Rungta's Camera

Best of luck for your imtehaan

Prateek said.. Reply

Ha ha! Thanks Souvik.

mayacassis said.. Reply

i want to be in rishikesh..soon.

Prateek said.. Reply

Hope you get to go there...soon :). Its a brilliant place, and quite unlike other sacred destinations in India, this one is a lot less crowded and much more cleaner, although they can work a bit more on that last aspect.