Rohit Nag
Canon EOS 300D | 18.0mm | 1/60s | f/4.0 | ISO 400 | Flash On EXIF

The Nag, the NAG!!

Damn him for going back so soon.

It was absolutely awesome to have company once again. The last two days were simply fabulous, with Rohit Nag, Sonika, Veeru and myself dying of laughter almost the entire time. Ah, good times, really good. Sad they don't last.

Update: His majesty himself has updated his blog with his account of the two days.

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Rashmi said.. Reply

Haha The pics are too Good ... Sure looks like you'll had an awesome time laughing, what with levels of inhalers and pinching oneself had to be resorted to calm oneself ;) and I see both of you were on a mission not to let anyone with exams study :P I agree, damn Nag for leaving so soon ;(

P.S. Waiting to see Nag's comment on this post ;)

Varenya said.. Reply

Good times don't last...but they will come back !!!

Rungta said.. Reply

Rashmi: I'm also waiting to see Rohit's comment. He just reached KgP 15 minutes back.
Varenya: Yeah man, they do, and I hope pretty soon too.

Nag said.. Reply

wat d hell !!!
well c all u people were bored to death so u know i kinda had to create there u go all of u who c this...Rohit The Entertainer. but u girls dere dont get dissapointed....dats only my comic face.

Nag said.. Reply

and jus two hilarious days...i don remember anytime before it happened dat i kept laughing for two entire days. i say "two entire days" cause wen u hear the timings of our sleeping and waking up u'll agree to the same.

Sonika said.. Reply

cudnt agree more wid all u guys>>had an awesome tIme.. :) !!!Rohit THE ENTERTAINER .. wens the next tripp ;) ?

Sumit said.. Reply

JEALOUS...thats wat i am feeling rt badly wanna come back...envy u guys so much rt now..arrgghhhh...well i think for the 3 months i come back for in may...there will be more of such days!!!!

Rungta said.. Reply

Yes yes, Rohit is 'The Entertainer', couldn't agree more myself. As for you Sumit, always hoping for more of such days!

mayacassis said.. Reply

Dying of laughter is a really good thing ....wish I had as many friends to laugh like that.

Abhishek Nandakumar said.. Reply

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Nag 2 Nag 3 Nag 4