Robert Blackwood Concert Hall
Canon EOS 300D | 24.0mm | 1/60s | f/3.5 | ISO 200 | Flash Off EXIF

I just hate myself for checking-in my camera's USB cable.

So Aditya Bothra and myself are at Changi Airport, (which by the way is the best airport I've ever been to) getting our feet massaged (for free!) after a seven hour flight from Melbourne. Man it felt good. Anyways, we roamed around a little, shopped a bit and were bored. What do we do next we wondered.

Why setup our own wireless network and surf the net ofcourse! You see this airport is Wi-Fied but access isn't free, which is very stupid considering they offer Ethernet points all across the terminal which give unlimited free internet access. Now I'd checked this up before coming so I made sure I had my ethernet cable in my hand luggage. Turned out I also had my Airport Express with me, so I just connected that to their network and had my own network running! Now if only I would've had my camera's USB cord I would've posted one of the many photos I clicked out here instead.

The one I did get around to posting is the rear wall of the Alexander Theater Robert Blackwood Concert Hall back at Monash.

Here's a 1440x900 version for ones who have a 15" MacBook Pro.

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anonymous/sourima said.. Reply

that looks strange!! ...and the first glipmse just reminded me of it being a 'collage'!! it really looks amazingl!

Sumedh said.. Reply

A very interesting wall, too, at That!

Arihant said.. Reply

looks very "lost" like.....
think abt it.....

Anonymous said.. Reply

kinda the drarma initiative logo like.... (in 3d ofcource!!)

Aditya said.. Reply

Most of your pics are indeed really good. And I also like to change my wallpaper regularly. Is there a site where you upload larger resolution photos? Or just give a link below your photos where one can download higher resolution pics. Many times there have been requests for larger resolution pics for wallpapers. I would prefer 1440x900.

Nag said.. Reply

kool wall!!!

Karan said.. Reply

Wow, these Australians really do know architecture. Is the School of Architecture at Monash a big thing?

Rungta said.. Reply

Wow, hadn't noticed how it looks like the Dharma Initiative logo. Nice find!

@Aditya: I do upload higher resolution ones to flickr but since I'm not a pro member, you cannot access the high-res ones from there. As you said, there have been requests for hi-res ones a lot of times and I just update the post with one. I'll upload a 1440x900 version of this one.

Is the School of Architecture at Monash a big thing?

Not really.

Sumit said.. Reply

hehe...well even i was pissed when i always end seeing that i need to pay for internet at the airport..but my frnds here told me there are certain points where wi-fi is infact free..oh and u had that massage at those osim machines? those in which u can put ur feet in? even i had that when i was going to US from singa in aug...i was there for like half an hr trying all diff kinds of massages, lol...nice pic too btw!!!

Rashmi said.. Reply

Apologies for the late comment.. Sad you checked in ur USB cable, but atleast you had it in your luggage and not left it back in Aus.. ;)
Really cool pic... true very much looks like the Dharma Initiative logo.. :) and weirdly, in Lost they all boarded the Oceanic from Australia!

Rungta said.. Reply

@Sourima: Sorry I forgot to ask in my last comment. How does it remind you of a collage??

@Sumit: Yup, got my legs massaged in the same machines. We too spent quite a lot of time trying out the different ones.

@Rashmi: Yes yes, I remembered your case and made sure I didn't leave my cable behind. :)

sourima said.. Reply

the blending of the tree bark (to your left) and the wall even when the wall stands out 'red'!! and the leaves (look too green)....the green on the wall and just too many 'sharp' colours (they just hit my eyes) looked somewhat artificial to me and hence the feeling of it being a 'collage'....'artificial reality'!!

Aditya said.. Reply

Thanks for the pic. :)

souvik said.. Reply

how do they charge you for using wifi internet at changi?

Sumedh said.. Reply

Check out my new photoblog at

Sumedh said.. Reply

Hey, BTW, which CMS do you use?

Rungta said.. Reply

Right now I use iPhoto for the originals I shoot but resort to manually managing folders of my edited shots.