Changi Airport
Canon EOS 300D | 38.0mm | 1/25s | f/5.0 | ISO 400 | Flash Off EXIF

The one I wanted to post last time.

I know 16 days is a long gap but I'm back home, which means I'm 10 times more lazy and have a 100 times slower internet connection.
Above is a shot of Terminal 2 at Singapore's Changi Airport.

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Anonymous said.. Reply

it's pretty and i like the lights...also must have a nice view outside since so many of them are actually staring away to glory!

Rungta said.. Reply

Yup, it did have a nice view and I did get a couple of shots. Might just post it sometime soon.

Rashmi said.. Reply

Very pretty picture. LIke those basketball chairs.. One airport that looks comforting for transit travellers.. cool pic. :)

Sumedh said.. Reply

Awesome place!

Nag said.. Reply

sad signapore doent come on my way home....!! cool pic.

Rungta said.. Reply

You can always change your destination Nag. Say how about London to Melbourne via Singapore?

@Rashmi: It sure did comfort me!

Aditya said.. Reply

You were using GPRS ??

Rungta said.. Reply

You were using GPRS ??

That's right. GPRS is the only sane way to connect to the internet here at my hometown.

@di said.. Reply

nice pic bro...the only thing missin is ME!!!!!

Varenya said.. Reply

Ahh...yaadien taaza ho gayi!!!

Siavash Alavian said.. Reply

the main difference between what u see and what others see is u can feel what u see and u can capture them, your photos are the best reason to prove things don't have to be extraordinary to be beautiful...

Rungta said.. Reply

Very true Siavash. There's beauty everywhere. It all depends on your perspective.

souvik said.. Reply

really changi airport is a lovely one...

Abhishek said.. Reply

Whoah! GPRS is like dialup in most places. I'm surprised.

Bavani Sam said.. Reply

Isnt it the BEST AIRPORT? Ofcourse yes! Hmm so did it take u so hard to inform me on ur transit! Or was it wantingly? :@

Rungta said.. Reply

I only had a 4 hour gap so wouldn't be allowed out of the airport anyways, which is why I didn't inform.

Bavani Sam said.. Reply

Excuses...are excuses isn it? Well i cud have come meet u if u didnt know abt that!! :( sad anyways!

Gourav said.. Reply

Good One! Looks Quite Comfortable!