Canon EOS 300D | 22.0mm | 1/200s | f/5.6 | ISO 200 | Flash Off EXIF

The Way Through The Woods

The four lilliputs and myself spent a great weekend in Bhowali laughing our asses off and going up unknown mountains. Thanks a lot Varenya, Sumit, Tapan and Siddharth for making it happen!

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sourima said.. Reply

ooooooooooh my!!!!!!!!!!!! no wonder i wanna stay in the jungle!!!!!

Rashmi said.. Reply

Wow this looks absolutely AMAZING!! That must have surely been one heck of a trip! Just by yourselves... up mountains!!! Awesome!! Lucky You'll!!

Rungta said.. Reply

@sourima: Jungle fetish....hmmm.

@Rashmi: It sure was 'one heck of a trip' and the trek was definitely the best part.

Anchal said.. Reply

Seems like the monkeys of the jungles spared you all!!

Rungta said.. Reply

@Anchal: It was more of us sparing them ;)

varenya said.. Reply

What can I say? Just mangal mangal mangal mangal mangal mangal ho...

Souvik Das Gupta said.. Reply

hey man this photograph looks enormously long (vertically). I mean the height of the photo is a lot greater than the width... did you stitch two of them?

and this place looks very similar to kasauli. must have been a great trip....

Rungta said.. Reply

@varenya: Sahii

@Souvik: Its just a single photo. Infact, I haven't even cropped it. Yes the trip sure was a lot of fun.

Sumit said.. Reply

just got one thing to say: ped...sahiii !!!!

sonika said.. Reply

the small shadowed figures .. and the far reaching trees.. this capture is one of my favourites :)

Rohit Nag said.. Reply

lucky ass!!!!
awesome pic.

Rashmi said.. Reply


Gourav said.. Reply

Lovely!!Must Hav Been An Awesome Trip

swati said.. Reply

awesome pic..and have a great birthday.. c i do remember stuff and my first comment.. and if u keep up the good work hopefully more will follow..

Rungta said.. Reply

@Gourav: It sure was!

@Swati: Thanks a lot and I sure hope more of it follows.