Canon EOS 300D | 55.0mm | 1/400s | f/5.6 | ISO 200 | Flash Off EXIF

Plants at the lake with seven corners

Another one from our trip to Bhowali. This was shot at saat-taal.

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Rashmi said.. Reply

A lake with 7 corners sounds very interesting! Like the colours in the pic... Vibrant! And the shadow of those plants stand out well. Good capture.

Rungta said.. Reply

A lake with 7 corners sounds very interesting!

There was one with nine corners too!

Nag said.. Reply

nice pic... luv the ripples..

sonika said.. Reply

bhowali is near nanital, is it? i remember going to these lakes while i was there.. nau-taal, saat-taal.. so many of them..

Varenya said.. Reply

Ah, memories...

Aditya said.. Reply

Yeah, is it near Nainital? I think they were named something like 'Naukuchiyatal'....Nice work as usual, and I noticed now, that you have changed the copyright year to 2007 too, though I wished you changed the signature too .

Abhishek said.. Reply

फोटो बहुत अच्छा है!

आईफोन भी

Rungta said.. Reply

Thanks a lot all of you and I apologize for the delay in replying.

bhowali is near nanital, is it?

Yes it is. Bhowali's just around 15-20 kms from Nanital and yes the place has loads of lakes like Saat-taal, Naukuchiyataal, Bhimtaal etc.

@Aditya: By 'changed the signature too', are you referring to the font of 'Prateek Rungta' or something else?

Aditya said.. Reply

Yup, thought the new year should see new things.

souvik said.. Reply

nice pic