Albert Park
Canon EOS 300D | 18.0mm | 1/3200s | f/4.0 | ISO 200 | Flash Off EXIF

Through the leaves

Albert Park on the morning of the 2007 Australian Grand Prix.

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Rashmi said.. Reply

The park seems nice.. this that a river or a lake by the park? Am sure Albert park must have reached its height of excitement in 2007 by the grand prix... A nice capture of the beginning of the day.. :)

Rungta said.. Reply

That's a lake in the middle of the park Rashmi.

Souvik said.. Reply

nice picture... But i hate the "still of internet explorer..." thingy. When you are browsing in your college, you dont have much choice...

Rungta said.. Reply

Thanks. I'd almost forgotten about that banner as I hardly ever open my site on IE. I'll see what I can do to make it a little more acceptable.

Nag said.. Reply