Canon EOS 300D | 55.0mm | 1/400s | f/5.6 | ISO 400 | Flash Off EXIF

Its frikkin cold!

Gives me another reason to stay in bed (not that I need any in the first place).

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Rashmi said.. Reply

Love this pic! Well i'm biased towards the fog... but my favourite part is the lonely bench to centre it all.
Exams is a good enough reason to stay in bed... But for your sake hopefully you're studying in bed :P Atleast the cold is much more agreeable for a studying weather than the heat(that i'm experiencing). Good luck again! Do well!

Tarun said.. Reply

Dude .......... this pic actually kinda makes me feel jealous ......... for cold if this makes u feel ny better then i'm livin in 47C and 38C(at night) so i knw u prefer 7C and 4C to all tht .............. but gr8 climate fr stdyng as Rashmi said ............. best of luck with ur remaining exams ........... when r u gettin free..........

Tarun said.. Reply

and i love this pic ........ my wallpaper now .............. u c smwhere i get the winter feel then ......... and winters r gr8 ....... tht quietude, serenity, stillness, tht 'love is in the air' feeling, tht spending time wth urself while sittin in the cozy quilt, tht long walk at night wth frnds in the chilly weather, tht cravin fr last cigg. to keep u goin the entire night miss all tht, c by just lookin at the pic so mny thngs went thru my mind , love winters ..........

Siavash said.. Reply

it is cold...
best of luck of exams mate

Siavash said.. Reply

what a silly mistype...
my English is not that bad really ;) i repeat myself

Souvik Das Gupta said.. Reply

I believe that there are atleast 3 things that dont require any reason or justification: sleeping is one of them. The other two would be FOOD - big time and to attend the nature's call.

Sumedh said.. Reply

Oh man! I just wish it was frikkin cold here ;) !
With this muggy sultry Delhi heat; cold sounds and looks like heaven!

Anchal said.. Reply

It looks like the starting of an enchanted forest.. and the lonely bench seems to have been placed to hide some dark secret below it...
okay.. i'm going a bit freaky. But it is a great pic.
And dude! these qs for verification.. well.. its asking me if I'm human and I really feel like answering NO!

Rungta said.. Reply

But for your sake hopefully you're studying in bed :P

You know me a bit too well Rashmi!

Tarun : I do, as you said, prefer winters over summers but that's not to say that 1℃ is very pleasant. Glad to have given you a winter feel though.

Siavash : Finally someone else who's feeling the cold just as well :). All the best for your remaining exams as well Siavash.

The other two would be FOOD - big time and to attend the nature's call.

Haha...damn right Souvik!

Sumedh : I remember the Delhi heat a bit too well. Here's hoping you're blessed with some showers soon.

Anchal : Ah...I was waiting for someone to draw a spooky analogy to this one :). Thats no forest. Infact, the building slightly visible on the top left corner has been featured on this blog earlier.

its asking me if I'm human and I really feel like answering NO!

Next time, try answering no! ;)

Rakesh said.. Reply

Reminds me of the mellowness I feel when fog sets. Well composed shot.

Rungta said.. Reply

Thanks Rakesh. Congrats on getting your site started :).

Varenya said.. Reply

Ka baat hai rungta bhaiya...bahut kamaal ka photu kheeche hain aap.

It can easily pass as the cover of a book.

Doesn't it give a Hogwartsy kind of look?

Abhishek said.. Reply

Wow. Just wish it were like that here..It's so sultry with all the humidity here.

Monsoons are the worst part of the year in Delhi..the place cools down for a while but the humidity starts killing you.

Abhishek said.. Reply

You should consider changing the name of the LinkedList plugin.

Because when you search "Linked List" on google you get a whole lot of other results. And you should put enough meta tags for it to get noticed.

Rungta said.. Reply

Varenya : Hogwartsy look? Not to me at least. Then again that's probably because I see this place almost every other day.

Abhishek : Yeah the humidity is just as bad.
As for the LinkedList name, I know its not the best but I haven't been able to come up with any other good ones yet. Oh and most of the meta tags are blankly ignored by the better search engines (including Google). They do however use the description meta tag for generic searches. I seem to have forgotten to add that to my LinkedList page though.

Nag said.. Reply

i would say the best till now. dnt we all love winter. good luck wid exams dude.

Nag said.. Reply

how do i get the hi-res again?

Rungta said.. Reply

Thanks Mr. Nag.

Bavani Sam said.. Reply

WINTER - strikes alot...cardigans, socks, gloves, hoots, shivers.....heater! But yet we all love it alot... :P Oooo how i wish i was there! Hey..rungta how did ya examz go???

Rungta said.. Reply

Good to see you back here Bavani. Exams weren't too bad. Just one more to get through on Monday.

One Way said.. Reply

Great image – most people would have waited for someone to sit on the seat, but I like it just the way it is…