"That New Computer Smell" (may not be as good as Alec's new car smell yet its nice)

No no, I haven't been fortunate enough to get one yet. This is my roommate Rohit's first Mac - an iBook G4 and he's lovin' it. Long had he strived for this. In other news, NTU entrance is over and that was the chief cause of the unregularity in my posts. Unfortunately, the unregularity will continue as this wasn't the last of my exams. However you might get to see a 'wonder' in the near future, that's all I'm saying!

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Karan said.. Reply

I see the duck!!

Bavani said.. Reply

Hmm...Nice pic of the Mac...but u cud have show'd even the owner of the Mac...hehehe ;-)
So what wonder r v going to c rungta???
Dun worry u'll be fortune to get one soon.

Alec Long said.. Reply

Nice use of selective focus. The iBook is a fun computer. I'm typing this on one right now. I like how you conveyed the smooth, sleek design of it in this photo.

G N Bassett said.. Reply

How unfair of you to keep us in suspense. What wonder, I wonder?