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Keyboard keyboard, burning bright!

I've waited for 2 years but 24 hours just seems too much now that the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is so near. For those like me, looking for ways to kill time and for those who just wanna have a laugh, I suggest this lovely fanfiction titled 'Naked Quidditch'. Its simply hilarious.

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Karan said.. Reply

Wow, this looks cool.

I can't wait for HBP either!

Rashmi said.. Reply

wow.. too kool! wat an imagination! too good.. n u know how i'm dying for saturday too.

Bavani said.. Reply

Dats what i uttered the moment i read whats on ur site! Hmm u know i luv reading books and watchin movies but duno y The Name HP...strikes a knell and makes me wana sleep too...peacefully!!! heheheh... Though i hate it, hope u guys (like U ,Rashmi,Nag & others) have a blast in seeing it & ofcourse reading it wen the books out. Maybe Rungta i may try watching this for the 1st tym, but God i gota begin from Part 1 or Book 1( tirin, forget it)
Hey...whats happened wif u...busy huh??? No mails or comments only?

jups said.. Reply

u r very expressive dude.t pic is kool.

Carmila Charolina said.. Reply

Wooooow.. realy cool. I like this photo friend.