The Hut
Canon EOS 300D | 31.0mm | 1/200s | f/10.0 | ISO 100 | Flash On EXIF

One of the more peaceful modes of living

No matter how many buildings we may build, huts always manage to look artistic. What shall I say, 'huts' off to our forefathers! A larger version of the complete panaroma available by clicking on the image below.

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Rashmi said.. Reply

Right on! true a hut has it own look... nice shot.. panaromic veiw n all...nice addition :) oh thanks 4 teaching me abt rss.. i saw this pic coz of that..well keep it going n take care.

Karan said.. Reply


Bavani said.. Reply

Hey rungta,

Truly speaking though i have gone to many parts of India & TN, i havent seen such a view of a hut. Great pic.
Hope ur doing gr8 too... ;-)

Amit said.. Reply

Simply great!!!!
Speaks to a great deal bout rural India..The lush forest green forest in the backdrop adds to its beauty..

Rohit said.. Reply

great pic. keep goin.

Hut panaroma