Ganga Aarti at Rishikesh
Canon EOS 300D | 18.0mm | 1/25s | f/3.5 | ISO 400 | Flash Off EXIF

The Big Picture

You've seen Shivji, you've seen the kids, and now I present the 'big picture'. It was a wonderful experience being out there among those devotees, by the Ganges and the lovely breeze.

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UMA JALAN said.. Reply

The picture is stunning. Keep up the great job.

Nag said.. Reply

the photograph is as always very well taken. lookin at the pic itself givs u that bhakti the feeling.

Varenya said.. Reply

You rule..your camera rules...rishikesh rules...arti rules....ganga rules...shivji rules...children rule...the breeze rules....steve jobs rules...and so do

Rashmi said.. Reply

Like the way you put it into perspective... the "Big Picture''. I think the time of having this puja held just makes it seem more calm and nice.. love the colurs of the sky.. the pic looks amazing as usual...

Skaran said.. Reply

Nice reflection on the title. I want to do something like that on my blog too.

Sumit said.. Reply

nice big..certainly gives u the "big picture"..actually whenever i see this line"the big picture"..i start laughing..cos we got this prof whose fav line is: "always look at the big picture"..that its become a sorta his line..and we've made many jokes on that as well..anyways..nice clear pic..

arvindh said.. Reply

Stunning picture! Could you tell us the camera, lens and settings used?

Prateek said.. Reply

Thanks a lot everybody.
I'm working on including the EXIF data with my posts, but that'll take some time.
The EXIF data for this shot is:
Camera - Canon EOS 300D
ISO - 400
Shutter speed - 1/25
Aperture value - 3.5
Lens Used - Canon EFS 18-55 mm
Focal length - 18 mm

rashmi said.. Reply

Your more than welcome... :) but i really wanted to THANK YOU sooo much... glad u liked it... it was the least i could do...

Bavani Sam said.. Reply

Rungta,though this was posted on 16th,i viewd it now - say it's kinda dawn in singapore now...& it was a gd one 2 c - in d wee hrs...nice thing 2 begin my day with!

virginupdates said.. Reply

this is the best from what I have browsed till now.Oof!just stunning.can't take my eyes off it.