I wish I was there once again

If the word 'Goa' hasn't told you yet, then let me tell you that we had a BLAST and that you need to go to that place, as that's the only reason you didn't figure that out yet. What a trip that was. The right time, the right people, the right place, it was just perfect. Its been almost three years now and I am yet to freak out the way I did at Goa. That was one trip I can never forget, and I'm sure its the same with the rest of the lot who'd come - Ranjit, Sanket, Afzal, Ritwik and Sureka. Angad, who stays at Goa, was our host, and had it not been for him and his cool parents, we'd not have had half the fun we had.

The above is a photo taken using a film camera, the good old times. We (Ritwik - the one on the left, Sureka - on the right and myself, Angad and his dog - not in the picture) had gone for and evening stroll on the beach right outside his house. Finding nothing better to do, these two took to throwing shells at me! Those two were chasing me but luckily I was way ahead and instead of running, was clicking their snap ;). Well, I should've run.

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Rashmi said.. Reply

Oh Wow... even tho these pics bring memories for me in a different way.. coz these were one of the first pics as to how I was introduced to all of u from gsis through these pics... its truly a nice addition to ur blog... brings back memories of my trip to Goa with my friends from school in the tenth... oh how I wish I freak out like that again too... keep it going Rungta... nice work ;)
P.S. was Sureka actually trying to aim at u at such a distance (the pic below)? Haha :)

Prateek said.. Reply

Anything to hit me. Well he did find the mark, Sureka that is, and that's why I said, I should've run ;).

Bavani Sam said.. Reply

Hmm memories memories & jus memories...dats what all i can say of seeing my ex classmates...if not for gsis, i wudn have met all these Freaks!!! Including - Rungta ;-)

Sumit said.. Reply

i have just three words for u: "i am jealous!!!!"...seriously...can just imagine how much fun u guys had...i mean GOA..ok...so as i wrote in my blog as well...next on the list: GOA!!!...so we have enuf places for the next few years to go together...nice pics too..truly depicting what you wrote...

Nag said.. Reply

nice to remember old times. seriously when r we goin next??!!

virginupdates said.. Reply

Goa rocks!and these pictures show so.The atmosphere is so totally chilled out there.Anybody who lands up there just get uplifted instantly.

Prateek said.. Reply

"Anybody who lands up there just get uplifted instantly."

So true, and after the beach, that's the best part ;).

hari krishna said.. Reply

nice pic.i wish i had also joined y'all.
i went to goa in the 11th grade,angad was there of course.
count me in the next time ......

angad said.. Reply

the good ole times....i miss them like hell.....miss all u guys...i'm goin bak to goa in the winter.....wen u guys comin bak der to relive the memories??

ranjit said.. Reply

ready for it any day!

Ritwik and Sureka chasing me