Canon EOS 300D | 18.0mm | 1/13s | f/7.1 | ISO 400 | Flash Off EXIF

Dusk at Space Town in Calcutta Kolkata

Michael Schumacher zooms through to the top of the podium at French Grand Prix for the eight time whereas my departure to Monash seems to be crawling. Damn the Australian High Commission!

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Nag said.. Reply

yo Schumacher! though he is behind Alonso for the championship.
awesome pic! the perfect picturisation of the different colors is jus too kool. and not to mention the clouds displayed a nice array.

Rashmi said.. Reply

Wow too good a pic!! Looks like the sky is on fire ;) The sillhoutte of the city buildings aganist the different colours of the sky... Almost like different emontions... Amazing!! Keep 'zooming'... pun intended.... ;)

Abhishek said.. Reply

Nice shot! The combination of clouds and Kolkata has always been good.

Varenya said.. Reply

This image is 'daily dose of imagery' kind...Too good!

mohit Taneja said.. Reply

Amazing photo!!!!!!!!!!!!

i found my new desktop bg

souvikdg said.. Reply

Cool real treat for the eyes, I wonder do you ever click with flash on!!

Anchal said.. Reply



Pinkie PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rungta said.. Reply

Thanks a lot all of you.
Nag: Yeah I know, but I hope Schumi beats him. We've still got half the season.
Rashmi: I just wish I could 'zoom' to Monash too.
Abhishek: Calcutta sure has a wonderful 'cloudline'.
Varenya: I don't think I can get a higher praise! Hope more and more of my pics become ddoi types.
Mohit: You can get a 1024px version from my flickr page linked at the bottom.
Souvik: Its very rarely that I use my flash, mostly because the subject is often so far off that my camera's built-in flash would have no effect on it, and also cause I prefer capturing the natural lighting most of the time.
Anchal: Lol!!

Skaran said.. Reply

Thanks for the huge high resolution version Rungta. I know it must have been an effort uploading the huge file from there!

Varenya said.. Reply

Let the next one be Dawn, as seen from melbourne!

Amit said.. Reply

dude u get fukin horny wid the sky or wt ?? damn u !! post a few australian beauties ..... be of some use rungta !!!

Aditya (inurv2) said.. Reply

May I add your URL to the blogroll at my website?

Rungta said.. Reply

Varenya: Trust me, I've been trying to wake up in time for capturing a shot of 'Dawn at Monash' ever since you wrote that comment and no luck!

Amit: Patience!

Aditya: "You don't need my permission for that." -Skaran
I second that.

Hdemus said.. Reply

I truly love this Photograph.
I have been seeing it for many days, though somehow never was able to leave a comment.

Especially the symmetry of the left-most-horizontal and the right-most-vertical colour trinity..
But great pic.

Aditya said.. Reply

Been more than a month since you last updated!

Rungta said.. Reply

I know and I apologize. I don't have a computer as-of-now and that's the reason I haven't been able to update.

Abhishek Nandakumar said.. Reply

Without a comp, you wont even be able to empty your compactflash cards.

sahana n niya said.. Reply

wow wow wow....man thats an amazin pic......like d colour of d sky