Building 74
Canon EOS 300D | 18.0mm | 1/800s | f/6.3 | ISO 400 | Flash Off EXIF

Its Spring!

Fear: They'll copy us
Truth: It's about the execution, not the idea.

from Fear, shark attacks, and "Will it scale?" over at Signal vs. Noise.

What do you think?

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Rashmi Swamy said.. Reply

That Quote can't be more true..
Very nice pic of spring... Windows should make this their wall paper.. ;)
What's building 74 anyway? Sounds like those American secret land bases :P

Sumedh said.. Reply

Gorgeous Place.And a abeautiful photograph!

Though I'm slightly afraid, if you actually have so many buildings.Unless ofcourse 74 is symbolic of something else.

Oh, and yes, the quote is so very true too!

Prateek said.. Reply

Haha. Here at Monash, all the buildings are numbered and the Monash Science Centre (which is far from being a secret base of any sort) happens to be Building 74.

Prateek said.. Reply

Well Sumedh, turns out we DO have so many buildings (there are 80 on the map) and that sure didn't help my legs on the first day at Monash. Felt like I was on some treasure hunt with a map and stuff :).

Varenya said.. Reply

Two things, first, the photo is too good (As always) but I think you could have cropped it a bit more on the left, the yellow spot at the bottom spoils the lush green scenery and second, I didn't understand a single bit of what you have written.

Prateek said.. Reply

I didn't understand a single bit of what you have written.

Lol. Well that Fear and Truth thing is a quote from a blog entry at 37signals' blog and you should go read it, its worth it (even though you might not be developing web apps anytime soon).

you could have cropped it a bit more on the left

Hmm..yes I could've cropped the spot at the bottom (and I came very close to doing so) but I wanted the building's edge to be in the picture so didn't do it.

Souvik Das Gupta said.. Reply

well, in that case you could have cropped from the bottom and not from the side!! And I still feel that there should not have been a southern hemisphere. The difference in weather really confuses me....

Nag said.. Reply

hey it still shows my email id in place of my website. :(

beautiful pic dere. and well i didnt manage to read the linked blog and hence no clue wat u talking about. well i probably will read it in sumtym.

and the teasure hunt wid the map.... trust me i know wat u talking about!!!!

Varenya said.. Reply

You took off the gravatar thingy???

P.S. Nag, try to delete your history or try some other browser, maybe then you'll get 'why' its not working! If even after that you don't get it working then whats the big deal in typing?

Prateek said.. Reply

First of all, I've updated the pic into a "lush green" one. Have another look at it (probably after refreshing if you still see the yellow patches).
Secondly, the auto-complete issue is only with Safari and that's not due to the browser's history. I've mailed Nag the reason why such a thing is happening. And as for

You took off the gravatar thingy???

This should've answered your question.

Rashmi said.. Reply

Oh wow.... good Job... its all green! :) and where you said

This should've answered your questions.

The way it gets it to the link and glows... well its just too Cool.... sorry it just gave me a kick.. :D

sonika said.. Reply

love the sky.. it looks amazing! and the ground too.. :)

Abhishek said.. Reply

This photo is really awesome. Photos like these are bundled with operating systems these days. The only difference is that this one is real.