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Friday, 14 March 2008

ING Australian Grand Prix Logo

Australian Grand Prix - Friday

The 2008 Formula 1 Season is here, and if you’ve been following this log since before November, you’d have seen this [post] coming.

That the Ferraris and McLarens were at the top was no surprise. What was surprising was Red Bull, with Mark Webber being the second fastest in Practice 2. If Red Bull has got their reliability issues sorted out, this could be a great Grand Prix for Aussie fans as Mark Webber is an Australian. Force India did quite good too. Renault and BMW were a bit slow today though. Its too soon to make anything out of this though, and tomorrow’s qualifying session will make things clearer.

Can’t wait for the actual race. I certainly hope it’s a lot cooler on Sunday than it was today (38° Celcius!) or hanging out at Albert Park until 5pm won’t be very enjoyable.

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