Ducks at the Lake
Canon EOS 300D | 55.0mm | 1/125s | f/5.6 | ISO 100 | Flash Off EXIF

Yet another shot of the MRS Ducks

Not surprisingly, exam prep. is when the most exciting and interesting ideas start popping up in your head, always. Only one more to go though and then I'm off home!

P.S. - If you haven't noticed, there's a new link at the top.

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Siavash Alavian said.. Reply

Man, You are awesome ...., this awesome...I can't believe I'm living here, i gotta look better

Anonymous said.. Reply

all i'll say is 'what you feel when you see is what you capture!'

Rungta said.. Reply

@Siavash: Lol! Apologies for making you doubt your looks. ;)


'what you feel when you see is what you capture!'

Can't agree with you more!

Anonymous said.. Reply

and it would be 'dumb' if u tell me u did not know who the 'anonymous' is....and i dont mean NOW!!

Rungta said.. Reply

Call it 'dumb' Sourima but I had no clue that you were the Anonymous poster until I read your second comment, and I certainly don't understand why you thought I'd figure out it was you.

Anonymous said.. Reply

well...i know!! the word proved 'itself' ....but then i can suggest many reasons as to why u should not have had a clue..and the first being i never like commenting publicly rt?!!...well,'s all a part of the experiment!!

Rungta said.. Reply

it's all a part of the experiment!!

I'm a little lost there. Am I missing something?

Anonymous said.. Reply

ohh my god!!...can u go study for ure exam tomorrow!! or come on gtalk, coz u certainly dont expect me to 'discuss' publicly!!

Varenya said.. Reply

After looking at some of your recent work (including this) here is a quote for you, not too philosophical but I think it fits here...

"Many eyes go through the meadow, but few see the flowers in it." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Off 'to' home I guess, and you don't know how good that phrase sounds, when is the big day?

Rashmi said.. Reply

Yeah it rocks!!! Love the ripples, love the silhoutte, love the feeling of it! calm and serene.
Exams always inspire you for other things than studying... don't they.. ;) Good luck for your last exam and Have a Blast back home!! Wish i could do the same :) Oh and good luck with the contest too!! :)

Rungta said.. Reply

@Anonymous/Sourima: I was studying all along. These were just little breaks. ;)

@Varenya: Wonderful and flattering quote. Where did you come across that one? The big day is just short of a week away.

@Rashmi: Yup, exam time is when you wanna do everything that is not studying. Thanks for all the luck!

Anonymous/Sourima said.. Reply

hmmm.......and it took you sooooooo long to reply to that!! wow....n ohh ye how cud u possibly sleep so early when it's public holiday 'today'!!

sonika said.. Reply

ther is something in this picture thats so disturbing.. i wanna look into the darkness and be able to see something to make sense of .. but maybe it wouldn't be so beautiful then..
around what time did you click this picture?

Aditya said.. Reply

Best of luck for your papers. I find this pic different from the ones that you normally click.

Nag said.. Reply

pretty kool... and if u look at the duck on the shore u tend to wonder what it is thinking about... i mean its standing on the bank in a very kool way...

and dude i think make the "vote" link open in a new page.

Rungta said.. Reply

@Anonymous/Sourima: As I said earlier, I was studying. That's why it took me so long to reply. And, how can you say that I went to sleep early without knowing when it is I actually went to sleep?

@Sonika: I know what you're talking about. I myself was trying hard to somehow make sense of the darkness while editing this one. I took this at dawn.

@Aditya: Thanks for the luck. In which way most do you find this one to be different?


its standing on the bank in a very kool way...

Yeah..sort of like looking at me and wondering "What the hell is this fool doing here so early?"
As for the Vote link, I sort of hate it when links open in new pages so I figured other people too would feel that way.

Anonymous said.. Reply

oyeee!! man i was just being sarcastic about you going off to sleep because obviously i knew the time i wrote that and u were still awake then!! and about the 'taking soo long' part ..u were replying rather fast and then suddenly went blank so.....

Adityags said.. Reply

I think I find this sorta dark and gloomy....

Anonymous said.. Reply

well... the reason i asked for it to be opened in a new page is cause... wen u say that "oh did u notice the new link"... people will generally at that very moment look at the link and click on it.... and hence they mite wanna come back to your page to finish reading or seeing it.... and its sorta convinient wen the page is already there and u dont have to open it again.

Nag said.. Reply

oops... i forgot to add the details in end of the last comment!!

Rungta said.. Reply

Yes Nag I know what you mean but then this is something I've never been able to firmly decide on. On one hand there's the argument that when you see a link you know that clicking it is going to take you to a different page (like 99% of the time). Now most browsers will not tell the user if a link on a webpage will open in a new window by default. So what I reason is if the person wants to retain the parent page then he/she will explicitly tell the browser to open the link in a new tab/window. Now incase the person does not want to continue browsing the parent page he/she would click the link expecting it not to open in a new window, in which case it gets frustrating.

Then there's the argument that you stated. Since I happen to be one that uses a single browser window with multiple tabs, I did not make the link open in a new window.

(Its also funny(??interesting) to note that some links on my site do open in new windows. I just can't make up my mind on this!)

Nag said.. Reply

ya i get the point.... all depends on what u r used to...

Aditya said.. Reply

Yeah me on a browser which opens new window links on a different tab, so I prefer that....he he

Abhishek said.. Reply

Awesome. How did I ever miss this?

I don’t know why but the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was “Hey, wouldn’t that look great on a paper jacket of a hard bound book?”.

Prateek said.. Reply

That makes two of my photos potential book covers. I’m flattered.