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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Pangea Day logo

Pangea Day

4 hours. 24 films. A new way to see the world.

A global, multi-cultural film festival with the aim of uniting the world through the power of film.

Found out through David Pogue’s recent post:

Sure, people of all nations have been joined by Internet video before, thanks to a little thing called YouTube. But YouTube joins people without them realizing it; there’s not much sense of community (unless you count the juvenile, raunchy comments), and zero sense of mission or purpose. It’s very unlikely that, after watching some YouTube video of someone putting Mentos into a Coke bottle, you’ll stand up and announce, “I’m a changed person.”

Pangea Day, I suspect, will be different.

You can attend a live event, catch it on TV, or watch the free live stream over the internet at 18:00-22:00 GMT, May 10 2008.

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