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Monday, 26 May 2008

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Grand Prix de Monaco 2008

The jewel of the Formula One crown it is called, and this year’s certainly lived up to the name in terms of being chock full of incidents. Rain for most of the first half of the race at a street circuit was bound to make the result unpredictable, but seeing a Force India at P4 towards the end of the race was still very surprising.

Luck did not favour them all the way and it was very painful to watch Kimi Räikkönen slam the back of Adrian Sutil’s Force India and end his best race so far. Also, I discovered that I was more disappointed to see Sutil and Force India’s race ruined that I was to see the Ferrari make the mistake. The first wet race of the season certainly turned out to be very eventful, and just like at Melbourne earlier this year and Canada last year, Hamilton kept his cool and drove to victory. (Results)

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